Pressure washers are commonly known for their efficacy in cleaning something that has difficult stains and dirt. However, it is not always advisable to use pressure washer anywhere you want to. A pressure washer uses high pressurized water and electricity, unlike your ordinary garden hose.

Because of the strong pressure, the water from a pressure washer can have enough force to be damaging and hazardous to anything and anyone it touches and lands on. This is the reason why when using a pressure washer, it is important to hire a service or a company to ensure that the person maneuvering the equipment has enough skills and training to control it and knows the important safety procedures.

Note: if you want to use your pressure washer on your own, it is important to wear protective gear like boots, gloves, appropriate clothes, and safety goggles.

There are three things you can clean using your pressure washer: roof, pavement or driveway, and garage.


The roof Irvine is durable and high-quality so rest assured that forceful water cleaning will never be enough for it to damage be damaged. However, it is still not recommended that you use high-pressure water every time you have to clean your roof as no matter how durable the materials, they will be damaged. You can also use low pressure whenever you have some cleaning to do.

Besides the water pressure, you may need some cleaning agents and a brush for effective results, and make sure to contact a professional if you are not used to cleaning in heights.

2.Garage Door

Garage doors are usually made of steel or hard-surfaced material, so pressure washing them can be all right. However, please take note that if you have some electrical wiring near or installed on the garage door, it is not advisable to use high-pressure water for cleaning it as it can damage the wiring. Also, if the garage door is made of soft material, avoid using high-pressure water.

High pressurized water is only good for hard surfaces that will never dent or break when high force is put.

Again, call a professional service if you do not know the right procedure on using the high-pressure washer by yourself. Otherwise, you will end up damaging your garage or your car.

There are also other ways on how to clean your garage which may include the traditional garden hose, cleaning solution, and a brush.


Driveways are oftentimes good for pressure washer cleaning as they can be made of concrete which is a material that can withstand pressure and force. Make sure you know how to use the equipment before using it. We can’t stress this enough. While you may be confident about cleaning your driveway through the pressure washer, accidents might always occur. There is a possibility you may accidentally point the washer somewhere to any object which can be damaged.

Hire a Professional

Aside from it is hazardous and damaging to use, pressure washer needs proper equipment, and a user who is knowledgeable enough to control and use the pressure washer. But if you do not have these qualifications, it is better to hire cleaning services to ensure safety.