The process can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never made huge modifications to your kitchen before. Before you can start your kitchen remodeling project, choosing between 2 construction delivery approaches is one of the major problems you’ll encounter. This includes traditional and design-build methods. You will have to choose what approach works best for your needs, whether you simply want to install new Kanata kitchen countertops or you want a complete kitchen remodel.

Design-build is the approach of hiring a single company to be accountable for the construction, pricing, designing, and budgeting.

Traditional follows the process of choosing a designer first. Next, design the project. After that, asking pricing from contractors. Lastly, choosing a contractor to do the job.

You will be weighing a lot of factors when making this choice. However, we are here to help you.


  • Design-Build

With contractors and designers on the same page, it’s simpler to work within a particular budget. The team will be aiming your budget across the entire project with more control regarding the design and cost. They’ll meet or surpass your expectations.

  • Traditional

You might not understand the total cost of your project at first. There is a higher possibility for higher design fees, then getting bids bigger than you expected and having to postpone or cancel the project. On the other hand, you’ve got the capability of bidding out the project to several professionals. You should obtain comparable and complete bids from which you can compare if you’ve got great specifications and plans.


  • Design-Build

Design-build companies are able to have frequent and open conversations with you since they’re all on the same page. Any issues that might occur are quickly and early solved.

  • Traditional

You will be more involved in the project since they act as the mediator and liaison between the contractor and the designer. The chance of miscommunication is bigger since there are more contact points.


  • Design-Build

Having both contractors and designers with the same company drastically lowers any risk for schedule or cost issues because they’ll be accountable for the complete process, from post-construction services to initial design. One company is completely responsible and will offer peace of mind since the team would be able to manage any problems that might occur.

  • Traditional

You can bear more risk with this approach. The firms you hire might have never worked before together. This might enable for things to fall through the gaps. You will be more involved with the project, aside from keeping an eye on several contracts.


Since both the contractors and designers are working together at the beginning of your kitchen remodeling project. The timeline can be reduced because a lot of activities can happen simultaneously. This includes pricing and designing.

  • Traditional

There is a bigger possibility that this approach will take longer to finish the project since the specifications and design has to be complete before you can start the bidding phase.

Regardless of what approach you choose; the bottom line is that you’ve got to work with professionals that you can rely on.